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Wild Bull Simulation


Take control of the wild bull simulator and trample the whole city. It’s time for angry bull attack to run around the stadium creating chaos and mayhem. In the latest angry bull simulator games, be a ferocious city bull attack 3d and smash people as you feel the ecstasy of being a powerful beast. Let’s operate the wild bull simulator and cause as much destruction as possible. It’s time for the civilians to save themselves from this angry bull attack in one of the wildest angry bull simulator games. Keep running and hit everything around you in WILD BULL SIMULATION, the newest free city bull attack 3d game on play store!The ultimate goal in this game is to knock down specific number of civilians in each level. The game will start off by showing the wild bull ready to run towards the civilians. In the environment, we’ll show chaotic people running in every direction, things will be falling everywhere. We will have the option of bull selection at the beginning of each level. On the screen, [0/3] this type of icon will be available which will mean that we have to kill 3 people in this level. And it will become [1/3] if we kill the first person and likewise increase accordingly. The bull will earn specific amount of money for killing each individual person. At the completion of each level, a dialog box displaying the total money earned will also be displayed on the screen. We will also have a specific time limit in each level.Play as a wild bull simulator and show your wrath and strength to everyone in the city. Combine your aggression with angry bull attack and get ready for a catastrophic showdown. Our city bull attack 3d will get the chance to hit and break bones with its special rage attack feature. Rouse your inner beast and make the whole town run for its life in WILD BULL SIMULATION, one of the most modern angry bull simulator games.